Iron Patriot By Anta

Iron Patriot by Anta provides quality apparel that promotes American patriotism and values, Judeo-Christian values, masculinity, pro-second amendment, the lost art of manliness, empowered women,  tactical self defense, anti-communism/socialism, pro-Israel, pro-police and military, bodybuilding and Christianity. 

Iron Patriot By Anta Logo

Iron Patriot by Anta’s logo stands for: The biceps represents strength and muscles. The shield, Templars cross and Star of David stand for powerful Christianity as the Crusades and pro-Israel. The rifle stands for firearms training and the 2nd Amendment. Iron Patriot stands for: The word Iron stands for manliness, strength building and Anta’s bodybuilding background.  Patriot stands for his support and love for America.

Julio Anta  

Iron Patriot by Anta was created by Julio Anta. Julio was born in 1957 and came to America in 1962 a few weeks before his 5th birthday from the oppressed communist country of Cuba. He is grateful to have grown up in what he believes is the greatest country in the history of the world. 
As a child Anta was small, weak, sick, had a learning disability, and the last one picked in sports. As an outlet he resorted to drawing super heroes from the comic books. Drawing was the only thing he could do good. Admiring strength and muscles he told his father that he wanted to be a bodybuilder like Steve Reeves the screen Hercules and become a black belt. 
Julio started serious training in Judo in January 1972 at 14 years old. After that he studied numerous martial arts. In January 1976 he started training seriously in bodybuilding. On Dec 2, 1980 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. In 1983 he competed in bodybuilding and was a place winner in the Mr. Jr Florida and Mr Miami. 
After an injury in 1986 fighting in a martial arts tournament he stopped competitive bodybuilding, but continued to workout. In 1986 he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He meet his wife in church and got married in 1989. From 1990-2000 he worked as an officer for the Florida Department of Corrections. He was also an FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) Instructor. 
In 1998 Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense was established. He designed all the logos and training attire for his martial arts/fitness training center. Anta has earned numerous black belts and is certified in numerous fitness modalities. Today Anta teaches Kids Mixed Martial Arts, Krav Maga, and Kickboxing. He is an NRA gun and rifle instructor and an Israeli Tactical Gun and Rifle Shooting Instructor. 
In 2017, Julio made a comeback into bodybuilding and won the overall South Florida Bodybuilding Championships 60 and over. In 2019 he was the runner up in the North American Bodybuilding Championships over 60 lightweight division and the runner up in the Florida Bodybuilding Championships over 60. 

Iron Patriot by Anta Established

In 2022 Iron Patriot by Anta was established. Julio’s childhood dreams, accomplishments and his love for drawing, martial arts, bodybuilding, military, law enforcement, christianity came full circle with the creation of Iron Patriot by Anta. 
Iron Patriot by Anta is the fusion of his dreams, believes, background and life accomplishments of Julio Anta. You can read more about Anta’s life in his bio on his website You can also read his life story in his 2014 book “Anta’s Ageless Warrior Fitness.”